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Welcome to Travian Plus!
- Make faster, more enjoyable and far less expensive progress in Travian with TravianPlus!
- With Travian Plus you could accumulate more silver in your Travian account without any need for daily gold purchases.
- You could also send more resources to your account faster and much easier.

Completely Automatic Silver Transfers
  • In the Silver Transfer Section in Travian Plus, items are automatically purchased for you from the Buy Auctions at the lowest price and sell to the accounts managed by our teammates at the highest price by the application itself.
  • All silver transfer operation is automatically done by Travian Plus. The only thing you have to do is to install the application, log in to your Travian account from it and proceed.
  • Every 100 Kg of silver (100,000 units of silver) costs 10$ in the Travian Plus. This price decreases to less than 2$ as the game reaches the end of server time.
Completely Automatic Resources Transfers
  • The only thing you have to do to transfer resources in Travian Plus is to choose the coordinates of your village and make a request for any amount of crop, iron, clay, and lumber that you need in the Transfer Resources page. Our merchants start to transfer the resources you need from several villages to your village as soon as possible. However, remember to pillage other villages as the resources transfer is in progress so that there won’t be any problem for your account.
  • Every 100 Kg of resources costs 10$ in the first days of the game. This price will decrease to less than 2$ as the game reaches the end of server time. Meanwhile, resources could also be sent for your village if you like to build and upgrade a WW with less than 2$.
Special Discounts up to 80% for the Most Active Users
  • The price of silver and resources will be discounted by 5%(speed:2x=10%,3x=15%,...) every 20 days from the start of server time (up to 60% at most).
  • For every 100$ purchase of silver or resources, you will receive a permanent 1% discount in their price (up to 20% at most).
  • For every 10$ purchase of silver in a week, you will receive a 1% discount in its price (up to 20% at most).
  • For every 10$ purchase of resources in a week, you will receive a 1% discount in their price (up to 20% at most).
200$ Monthly Reward!!!

To make it more enjoyable for the users of Travian Plus, a draw will be held for them every month in different servers where two of the users are rewarded 100$ of cash.

  •  You will be rewarded 1 point for every 10$ purchase of silver or resources
  •  You could be our next winner!
Quick Start

1. First, download the latest version of TravianPlus Aplication from the right of the screen.
2. Install Travian Plus in a few simple clicks and run the application.
3. Type in your personal information carefully.
4. In order to Log in to your account from Travian Plus Service, you have to insert your username and password and server address and then click on the Login button.
5. Charge your account Ballance from the Buy Credit section.
6. In order to start a silver transfer to your account, choose the type of the items you like to sell, and click Start. The application will automatically sell the items you have chosen and transfer the silver to your account after the sales time is up.
7. In order to transfer resources to your account, first, choose whatever village you like from the list and specify the amount of resources you require, then, click on the transfer button.
8. To make yourself more familiar with the application, make sure you watch the tutorial video and see the screenshots.
9. Enjoy!
Quick Introduction Video
    Ver 2.0.3
    • Support send resource to any coordinates(x|y),now you can send resource to your near farm villages and attack(raid) it ;)
    • Support unicode chrachters in account names(in login)
    Ver 2.0.2
    • Fix minor bugs.
    • Can be downloaded from our website.
    Ver 2.0.1
    • Added support for servers version Т4.4.
    • Support pause/continue transfer to resource transfer list.